Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Smell of De Feet!

Sorry, I couldn't help that old chestnut... thinking up titles for these posts is the most difficult part of writing them.  Anyway, on to the news!
So, the "Elves" at Soft Star emailed me... my moccasins are on the way!  I'm extremely excited, and as I said, you'll get a review as soon as I'm able to field-test them.  However, in my impatience (I was expecting it to take another week for the mocs to be done) I started looking into other minimalist shoes. 
There's the Vibram FiveFingers, of course, but those are too pricey for me to be able to justify them right now.  That led me to my other primary choice, the huaraches made by Luna Sandals.  And while there are many reasons I am drawn to the idea of minimalist sandals (comfort in hot weather, etc) I have to admit that there's so little material there, I looked at them and thought "100 dollars?  What?  There's almost nothing there!  And they don't look that complicated, so I doubt the expense is in the labor... I bet I could even ma-"
So I started making my own pair.  I found a few tutorials online and, as I'm not entirely ignorant of handcrafts, I went and bought the recommended materials from a video I found.  I'm using PVC sheeting (the kind that gets put in under a newly-installed shower) as the sole material, with a leather insole (purchased at a hardware store and a hobby store, respectively).  I'm using elastic strapping as the laces because, well, why not?
Anyway, I'm currently gluing the PVC and leather together, and afterwards I plan on putting the rest together and field-testing them as well, perhaps on the same day as the RunAmocs (though also likely not, now that I think about it... I can't properly field-test two items for endurance, etc, on the same day).
Well, that's pretty much all I have for now... sorry it's not more, but I spent a good long time today, after getting off of the night shift, at the doctor seeing about some joint issues, before coming home.  I still have plans on write about my eating, my other exercise plans besides walking barefoot, and a whole slew of other things, just as soon as I manage to have both time and energy at once.  I appreciate your forgiveness, Avid Reader, and look forward to regaling you soon with further tales of my exploits.

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