Thursday, June 14, 2012

The First Steps

I've decided to blog, partially to be involved in an online dialogue with others of like mind, partially to help keep myself accountable, and partially to chronicle for posterity, all in regards to this lifestyle change I have undertaken to effect.
The change, as is indicated by the title of this blog, is to follow a Primal lifestyle.  While I am a Christian (albeit to various degrees of faithfulness... nobody's perfect...), I still find plenty of logic in the idea that Mankind as we know it was not designed by either creation or evolution to wear two pounds of rubber and leather on each foot and spend 40+ hours a week staring at an incandescent screen and drinking liquid sugar.
Therefor, using plenty of input and education from Mark's Daily Apple, with a healthy dose of fitness and exercise advice, motivation, and support from Urban Primalist and Fitocracy, I have chosen to follow the advice of my ancestors and genes, and do with my body what God and nature intended.
I won't go too heavily into what information I'm garnering from the aforementioned websites, as much of that is copyrighted and frankly you'd do better to get the information from them than me anyway, as it would be a simple thing for me to inadvertently misrepresent something.  What I will do is convey my actions, thoughts, and experiences along my Hero's Journey, through the crucible of conscious effort to change diet, exercise, and lifestyle, and out the other end to become what I was meant to be.
There are various motivations along this path.  I am a fantasy geek, gamer nerd, and probably something of an anachronism.  I find plenty of motivation in becoming an Apex Predator, able to face any and all comers with grit in my gut and steel in my eye.  I like the noble, stoic endurance of the Dwarves of Middle Earth, and the thought that my forefathers look down upon me with grim determination and dour, barely perceptible approval of my determination to excel.  And I like me the ladies, and I hear that "six packs" are something that they seem to enjoy, so I think maybe I'll get me one of those.
I don't mind if you follow me on this journey... but I'd rather you come alongside me.

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